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Career Scan

The Sphere of Influence 360° career scan identifies your team members’ unique strengths and pitfalls, giving you insight into the roles and responsibilities that suit them best.

Our scan can help you find the right person for the job, helping you improve your company’s results. Do you want energetic and engaged employees who enjoy coming to work? Then the career scan is definitely for you!

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Discover someone's interests and abilities with a career scan

A career scan is an accessible way to find out the ideal next step in someone’s career. Based on the test, people can discover their ambitions and better understand their strengths and development points.

People with awareness of their wishes and needs can adjust their work accordingly. The career scan can be used to determine which job and activities suit someone best. This test also provides insight into the behaviors that still need to be developed for a particular job, alongside the matching profiles that we have developed.

What we test for

Do you want to get the most out of your team members’ careers? Our test gives you clear insight into:

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