Stop Explaining! A How-To Guide

Playing card with an illustration of a man with a purple shirt with a lot of speech bubbles talking to a woman in magenta shirt

Have you found yourself talking on and on… and on when you’re uncomfortable? If you’re guilty of detailing, rephrasing, reiterating, expanding, or expounding till your listener’s ears drop off, you probably know you’re overexplaining. It’s not an uncommon behavior, but it can be a real bore for others, and I’m guessing that’s not your intended […]

3 Tips to Stop “Speakingtoofast”

Playing card with an illustration of a man with goggles on a scooter and a speech bubble indicating he's going really fast

We rarely notice when we’re guilty of it, and it’s a tough habit to shake. But when others do it, we recognize it instantly. Like when you ask a question: “How’s the project?” and are met (more like blasted) with a lightning-speed answer. “YeahitsokwehadafewissuesbutTobysayshe’llfixthecomputerand…” Speaking too fast, unfortunately, is a common sign of stress. For […]

How to Refocus Your Wandering Mind

Perspective view of a playing card with an illustration of a man with flies flying from his head

Do you recognize them? Those moments when you stare at your screen while your attention drifts away from the tasks at hand. When you find yourself reading and rereading the same sentence – not because it’s complex, or you had a bad sleep, or skipped a meal – but because you just can’t focus. No, […]

What if you can’t “find the funny”?

Image of a coaching card on yellow background

Have you ever noticed that time seems to stand still when you laugh? That for a moment, you are not concerned with what is happening in the rest of the world? Laughter can bring us out of our heads, which is an easy place to get stuck when you’re feeling tense or stressed. But when […]