How To Stop Being Sarcastic When You’re Stressed

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Sarcasm can be tricky. It’s hilarious when done right, but miss the mark and it can really sting.  Like “Smooth move,” when you spill your drink, “Bright idea, Einstein” when you make a poor suggestion, or “Get enough sleep?” when you’re late to work.  If you’ve noticed yourself getting a little snide, cynical, or hurtful […]

Is Stress Making You Irritable? 3 Ways To Feel Better

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We’ve all had days where things go wrong from the moment the alarm buzzes.   Just imagine: you toss and turn all night, and wake up exhausted, cursing the neighbors for the far-too-loud house party that went on till 4.  You head downstairs to the smell of pancakes (“Oh, my partner cooked me breakfast!”) and are […]

How To Break “Obsessive Thinking” Cycles

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We just can’t stop ourselves, sometimes, despite our best efforts. You’ve been there, I’m sure—when you’re tired, angry, or just been alone for too long. When no matter what you do, you simply can’t switch off your thoughts. Even worse, your brain seems to go over the same few things. Ruminating—obsessively. Questioning: “What if I’d […]

Stop Explaining! A How-To Guide

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Have you found yourself talking on and on… and on when you’re uncomfortable? If you’re guilty of detailing, rephrasing, reiterating, expanding, or expounding till your listener’s ears drop off, you probably know you’re overexplaining. It’s not an uncommon behavior, but it can be a real bore for others, and I’m guessing that’s not your intended […]

3 Tips to Stop “Speakingtoofast”

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We rarely notice when we’re guilty of it, and it’s a tough habit to shake. But when others do it, we recognize it instantly. Like when you ask a question: “How’s the project?” and are met (more like blasted) with a lightning-speed answer. “YeahitsokwehadafewissuesbutTobysayshe’llfixthecomputerand…” Speaking too fast, unfortunately, is a common sign of stress. For […]