Ever Feel Like Hiding From The World? This Is The Probable Cause

Illustration of a person hiding behind a couch on a stress card

Picture yourself in a room full of people you barely know at a busy networking event. You came to make new connections, but how do you feel about that now? Are you confident and keen to mingle, or are you nervous and shy? We all handle social situations differently. While some people may feel fine […]

When Stress Makes You Go Quiet

Graphic showing a person with a bandaid over their mouth, flanked by two others offering support, symbolizing silence induced by stress

Do you ever struggle to express your thoughts and emotions when you’re under pressure? Or find yourself giving short, minimal answers to avoid potentially stressful discussions? Perhaps you can recall a time when you felt like yelling inside, but instead, you clammed up and became silent while your mind was racing? Withdrawing into silence is […]

Can’t Think Straight? How Stress Makes You Confused.

Perspective rendering of a playing card with an illustration of a woman wearing a pink shirt with several question marks around her head.

We’ve all had them before – those fuzzy moments where your brain just… won’t work. Where a mental fog seems to cloud your memory, slowing down your thoughts and making you feel disoriented. Times where you’re just not as quick to react, your decisions aren’t up to their usual caliber, and goodness even knows where […]

Preaching Under Pressure: Why We Do It & 3 Better Ways To Manage Stress

Perspective rendering of a playing card with an illustration of a woman in front of a blackboard with an equation on it.

You know those meetings where you feel like all you do is listen? You’d love to get a word in edgewise, but there’s one colleague who just…won’t stop? Maybe their monologue is about “the only way to do something right…” Or a never-ending speech about what will happen “…if we don’t use this exact software…” […]

Why We Refuse To Listen When We’re Stressed Out

Perspective rendering of a playing card with an illustration of a man in a black suit holding his hand up to stop a woman in a purple shirt from talking.

“You just don’t get it!”  “I’m not looking for your opinion…” Have you ever encountered these responses when you’re (just) trying to give helpful feedback? Defensiveness is an almost universal way in which we respond to stress. But here’s the tricky part—while we’re often quick to notice it in others, it’s even harder to notice […]