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Take The Test

Take the Sphere of Influence 360º test and discover ways to maximize communication and productivity.

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Receive Your Profile

Your communication blueprint will reveal how you collaborate with and influence others, as well as what triggers you.

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Start Your Development

Realize your unique potential with our DIY kits. Boost connection and collective potential with team coaching or workshops.

Get started with the Sphere of Influence 360

Access the Sphere of Influence 360 platform today: Fill out the contact form, e-mail, or call us at 06-43286079.

Browse our – Administrator User Guide – An Administrator and Test Manager’s roadmap of the Talent Scanner platform. Get help setting up candidate user accounts, assigning roles, and downloading Sphere of Influence reports.

Your development is more complete with the right tools

Make use of our DIY Kits

Our DIY packages are designed to support your programs by allowing employees to work independently on their development. Each kit includes:

  • Your employee’s unique Sphere of Influence 360˚profile
  • A workbook focused on their particular development topic, based on their test results, e.g., cooperation, leadership.
  • A database of coach cards related to the Sphere of Influence competencies.
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The DIY kit workbook gives your employees a step-by-step guide to mapping their qualities and development goals. Using the tailor-made coach cards, they can work independently on their development.

Using The Sphere of Influence in coaching and career management/planning

Our library is a rich source of materials that can support your organization’s coaching and career development planning. For example, our interactive coaching guidelines PDF includes everything you need to know about the Sphere of Influence 360˚ in just one click. This PDF includes example questions that will help you focus on each candidate and their unique developmental journey.

Are you using the Sphere of Influence as a career counseling tool? Our Concepts and Statistics Manual includes profiles and interaction patterns to help coachees identify the tasks and jobs that correspond with their behavioral patterns. This resource also highlights areas where they can adapt their communication and influencing styles if they aspire to a particular role.

Coaching in-house? All Sphere of Influence tools are designed to be instantly implementable so that internal coaches can start working with them right away.

Want expert help? Hire one of our experienced Sphere of Influence 360 coaches or facilitators.

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Team development tools

Sphere of Influence Workshops and Training

Help teams feel more connected so that they can perform at their best. Sphere of Influence Workshops and Training will give your people insight into their own behavior and the behaviors of those they work with or want to influence.

In our workshops, your teams can reflect together on each person’s unique contribution to the group or organization. You’ll discover how well you use collective intelligence, how to avoid miscommunications, and how you can prevent silos. Together, you’ll build on each other’s qualities and turn blind spots into discussion topics.

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Tools to support workshops and training

The Sphere of Influence Team Scan helps you analyze and interpret the topics above.

Your team members can practice alternative behaviors using our Sphere of Influence floor flag, an engaging, interactive tool for introducing the model and dynamics! In our workshops, you can help people get out of their heads and experience the impact of their own and others’ behavior.

You can order the floor flag in our online store.

All of the Workshop and Training tools can be used instantly by internal trainers and facilitators.

Want expert help? Hire one of our experienced Sphere of Influence 360 coaches or facilitators.