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Sustainable Employment

Invest in sustainable employment within your organization to improve employee engagement and ensure your work atmosphere is pleasant, healthy, and productive.

Research shows that teams that communicate and collaborate effectively are more committed and experience more added value, so we have developed a questionnaire that helps you increase your employees’ sustainable employment.

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Why sustainable employment is important for your team

Paying attention to the development, engagement, and health of your employees and teams is critical. By investing time in these elements, you ensure that employees feel seen, heard, and more connected to the organization, which leads to higher job satisfaction. You will also notice that paying attention to sustainable employment can decrease sick leave and boost your company’s productivity.

How we help you on your way with sustainable employment

The Sphere of Influence 360° test provides a complete picture of your employees’ various competencies. Among other things, our psychological test will give you a clear understanding of:

Once everyone fills out the test, you will gain insight into the knowledge and skills of each team member. What is someone’s added value? How can team members develop themselves? What will strengthen collaboration within the team? Make use of these results and get to work increasing job satisfaction and productivity of your teams.

Curious? Lets talk!

Are you interested in the Sphere of Influence 360°, but would like more information about how it all works? We would love to tell you more about our test and tools and how they help you increase sustainable employment.

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