Print a Sphere of Influence Model Rug

If you would like to print a rug of the Sphere of Influence Model for your workshops or training, you can download the print-ready documents by clicking the button below.

For best use of the rug during your workshops we recommend to print the rug at the size of 300x300cm (118.11 x 118.11 inches) or 250x250cm (98.43 x 98.43 inches) as a minimum.

Would you rather have us take care of printing the rug for you? Please contact met ons op to discuss details and we’ll send you the rug at your preferred size.

You can print the SoI model at A4 size on paper as well while you wait for your rug to arrive, or just to have a smaller version. You can download this here.

Rug design preview

Sphere of Influence Model - Rug design preview