How To Stop Being Sarcastic When You’re Stressed

Illustration of a woman with blond hair and magenta shirt indicating something small with her fingers

Sarcasm can be tricky. It’s hilarious when done right, but miss the mark and it can really sting.  Like “Smooth move,” when you spill your drink, “Bright idea, Einstein” when you make a poor suggestion, or “Get enough sleep?” when you’re late to work.  If you’ve noticed yourself getting a little snide, cynical, or hurtful […]

3 Tips to Stop “Speakingtoofast”

Playing card with an illustration of a man with goggles on a scooter and a speech bubble indicating he's going really fast

We rarely notice when we’re guilty of it, and it’s a tough habit to shake. But when others do it, we recognize it instantly. Like when you ask a question: “How’s the project?” and are met (more like blasted) with a lightning-speed answer. “YeahitsokwehadafewissuesbutTobysayshe’llfixthecomputerand…” Speaking too fast, unfortunately, is a common sign of stress. For […]