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Collaboration Test

Improve your team’s productivity using our collaboration test. Our test design is based on qualitative research and two evidence-based models: Leary’s Rose and the Golden Circle.

Strengthen communication and productivity within your team by using the results and insights from our collaboration test. Do you want team members that are more engaged, committed, and connected? Then the Sphere of Influence 360° is the right tool for you!

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Experience the benefits of our collaboration test

Our unique collaboration test takes about fifteen minutes to complete. We understand that time is the new currency, so we have developed a measure that reduces the testing time and helps you get back to work.

Once every team member has completed the collaboration test, you will have clear insight into their communication blueprint. Thanks to the 360-degree feedback, the test results provide a complete picture of people’s talents and pitfalls.

Depending on the package you choose, you will receive coaching guidelines, a script to conduct a workshop, or a workshop facilitated by one of our consultants. This will help you start working directly on each team member’s personal development and get the most out of the collaboration test.

Choose the package that suits your team

Check out our various options and prices and register your team today for the Sphere of Influence 360°. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our collaboration test.

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