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Competency Test

Start using our competency test to find out the strengths and pitfalls of each member of your team. The Sphere of Influence 360° helps your team members to develop indispensable competencies.

Our evidence-based competency test will help your employees increase cooperation, leadership, and collective impact while creating sustainable relationships in your organization.

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For whom is the competency test intended?

We recommend a competency test for every team member, regardless of their current impact and productivity. It is important that each employee feels connected to the organization and has the opportunity to grow and develop their competencies. Everyone taking the competency test will know their strengths and pitfalls.

The competency test indicates their added value to the team and the organization while providing people with personalized tips for competencies they might need to develop.

The basis of the test we designed

The competency test is based on qualitative research and two interaction models: the Golden Circle and Leary’s Rose. These methods highlight existing communication and leadership styles and indicate the strengths and pitfalls of each.

The Sphere of Influence 360° provides you with tools to help each team member discover and develop their competencies. With the results of this psychological test, you can avoid frustrations and conflicts within your team. Also, you can ask people to perform tasks that match their skills.

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