Stress And Mind-Reading: Why We Make Assumptions About Others’ Behavior

Perspective rendering of a playing card with an illustration of two men standing next to each other with a thought bubble between them indicating they are sharing the same thought.

Anka’s heart races as she enters the boardroom, ready to present her crucial pitch. She’s been up practicing all week, and now it’s crunch time. Time to impress her colleagues and boss! As she starts presenting, however, she spies her boss scrolling through his phone. He seems entirely disinterested, and Anka spins into a panic: […]

How To Break “Obsessive Thinking” Cycles

Card in perspective with a man with a lot of though bubbles around his head.

We just can’t stop ourselves, sometimes, despite our best efforts. You’ve been there, I’m sure—when you’re tired, angry, or just been alone for too long. When no matter what you do, you simply can’t switch off your thoughts. Even worse, your brain seems to go over the same few things. Ruminating—obsessively. Questioning: “What if I’d […]