What You Didn’t Know About Complaining & How To Stop

Perspective rendering of a playing card with an illustration of a woman with a purple shirt complaining and pointing at a piece of paper next to a tall man with a beard in a black suit.

Does your partner leave the dishes to ‘soak,’ never to finish the job? Is the council deliberately turning a blind eye to those potholes? Is your Wifi spotty all the time, and especially when you need it most? If you’re like the average person, a little grumbling is often all it takes to feel better […]

How to Use Communication and Influence With Low Performers

Communicating with low performers

Here’s something every leader has encountered before – a struggling co-worker who’s falling short of what you know they can deliver. They may be holding up your team’s progress, missing crucial deadlines, or just not putting their heart into their role.  Whatever the reason, low performance creates an uncomfortable situation in the workplace that we’d […]