Can’t Think Straight? How Stress Makes You Confused.

Perspective rendering of a playing card with an illustration of a woman wearing a pink shirt with several question marks around her head.

We’ve all had them before – those fuzzy moments where your brain just… won’t work. Where a mental fog seems to cloud your memory, slowing down your thoughts and making you feel disoriented. Times where you’re just not as quick to react, your decisions aren’t up to their usual caliber, and goodness even knows where […]

How to Refocus Your Wandering Mind

Perspective view of a playing card with an illustration of a man with flies flying from his head

Do you recognize them? Those moments when you stare at your screen while your attention drifts away from the tasks at hand. When you find yourself reading and rereading the same sentence – not because it’s complex, or you had a bad sleep, or skipped a meal – but because you just can’t focus. No, […]