How Stress Causes Sleepiness and 3 Great Solutions

Illustration of a Sphere of Influence Stress card showing a woman sleeping on the floor

Picture this: you’re at work, desk piled high. Emails flood in on your screen, while around you, colleagues shout back and forth.  Tensions are running high, and yet…you can’t stop yawning.   If you’ve ever felt your eyelids droop with a big presentation looming, or craved a lie down before a critical meeting, you’re not alone.   […]

How to Refocus Your Wandering Mind

Perspective view of a playing card with an illustration of a man with flies flying from his head

Do you recognize them? Those moments when you stare at your screen while your attention drifts away from the tasks at hand. When you find yourself reading and rereading the same sentence – not because it’s complex, or you had a bad sleep, or skipped a meal – but because you just can’t focus. No, […]