Feeling Unwell? It Might Not Be What You Think

Rendering of a playing card with an illustration of a girl with a magenta blanket who feels ill

Are you getting a fever? Did you eat something funny? Or are your symptoms the result of something else entirely? It’s often hard to tell when stress is why you feel unwell, but it happens to more people than you’d think. Sometimes it’s obvious, such as dizziness before a first date or nausea when you […]

Your Racing Heart – Is It Stress?

Rendering of a playing card with an illustration of a woman with a yellow shirt with one hand on her heart and in the background a heartbeat wave.

Have you watched Jurassic Park and wondered how living among dinosaurs would feel? Sharing the world with saber-tooth tigers, always watchful for pterodactyl shadows?  Imagine stepping back in history, only to encounter a dinosaur. You’d be faced with two options – tackle it and battle for your life, or flee like the wind.  You may […]

Feeling Tense? 3 Ways To Feel Less Stressed

Illustration of a man in blue super hero suit with lightning bolts around him

How are you feeling at the moment? Loose, limber, relaxed?  Or maybe…a little neck pain? Sore shoulders, even some tightness in your face, arms, or legs?  Many of us fail to realize when and how we’re tensing up in response to stress. We may think we’ve overdone it at the gym, or slept funny…until a colleague asks: “Why the frown?”  Whether it’s nail-biting, […]