How Stress Makes Us Self-Centered (And 3 Fixes)

Perspective rendering of a playing card with an illustration of a king with yellow and pink clothes with his hands on his sides.

Nobody likes a show-off. And no one enjoys feeling patronized.   But we’ve all been there – when someone won’t stop talking about themselves, or what they’ve accomplished…and while it’s never mentioned specifically…how inferior you are in comparison.   They might do it on purpose or unconsciously, but either way, it’s hurtful.   If you’ve ever been cut […]

Easily Offended? It May Be Stress

Illustration of a Sphere of Influence Stress card showing a man with a blue shirt and dark pants sitting on a chair with his arms crossed.

A man walks into a bar. He looks at you and says: “Cool shirt.”  How would you react? Would you feel great, proud to be a trendsetter, or would you slink out, convinced that you look ridiculous?  If you’re the first, more power to you; if it’s the latter, you may be someone who’s quite […]