Why You Pick Fights When You’re Stressed Out

Perspective rendering of a playing card with an illustration of a man boxing.

One moment you and your partner are discussing where to eat, and the next, you’re angrily defending your dietary choices. Does that sound familiar?   Or perhaps you’re embarrassed about how poorly you wrote that last report when your colleague says, “Great job.”   “You try writing 5000 words at midnight, genius!” you snap…before realizing they weren’t […]

How To Reflect To Connect

two-hearts-locked-together-with-shadow-symbolising-we- should-reflect-to-connect

Try to recall the last time you tried to get a point across to a stressed-out colleague. Were they listening to you closely? Did you feel like you were making a connection? My guess is that your answers are “no” and “no.” Now try flipping the coin. I’m sure there was a time you were […]