Preaching Under Pressure: Why We Do It & 3 Better Ways To Manage Stress

Perspective rendering of a playing card with an illustration of a woman in front of a blackboard with an equation on it.

You know those meetings where you feel like all you do is listen? You’d love to get a word in edgewise, but there’s one colleague who just…won’t stop? Maybe their monologue is about “the only way to do something right…” Or a never-ending speech about what will happen “…if we don’t use this exact software…” […]

Why We Refuse To Listen When We’re Stressed Out

Perspective rendering of a playing card with an illustration of a man in a black suit holding his hand up to stop a woman in a purple shirt from talking.

“You just don’t get it!”  “I’m not looking for your opinion…” Have you ever encountered these responses when you’re (just) trying to give helpful feedback? Defensiveness is an almost universal way in which we respond to stress. But here’s the tricky part—while we’re often quick to notice it in others, it’s even harder to notice […]

Dominos No More: Ending The Knock-On Effects of Stress

Illustration of human domino's effect

Picture this: you’re sitting at your computer, working away quietly, when your colleague Toby storms past. He slams a huge pile of papers marked “URGENT” on his desk, picks up the phone, and starts barking at another colleague, Yolande, in Accounting: “I HATE when you do ABC…I’ve got enough on my plate right now!”  How […]

Sweating Under Pressure: What Has Stress Got To Do With It?

Rendering of a playing card with an illustration of a man with black beard who is heavily sweating

You haven’t gotten up from your desk in hours, yet your shirt is as soaked as if you’ve run a marathon. While all you’ve done is think and type, you can’t stop wiping moisture from your forehead!  What’s wrong with this picture?  Sometimes, our racing thoughts are all it takes to make us break out […]

How Stress Causes Sleepiness and 3 Great Solutions

Illustration of a Sphere of Influence Stress card showing a woman sleeping on the floor

Picture this: you’re at work, desk piled high. Emails flood in on your screen, while around you, colleagues shout back and forth.  Tensions are running high, and yet…you can’t stop yawning.   If you’ve ever felt your eyelids droop with a big presentation looming, or craved a lie down before a critical meeting, you’re not alone.   […]