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Team Development

Are you looking for a powerful tool to use for team development? Then the Sphere of Influence 360° is right for you!

Ask every team member to fill out the test to gain insights into the best ways to increase collaboration, improve communication, and enhance influence. Use our unique tool to ensure successful team development.

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Team development leads to sustainable collaboration

Start with team development today. It takes about 15 minutes to fill out the questionnaire, so you can quickly share the results with your team. This test provides 360-degree feedback, giving everyone a personalized communication blueprint that indicates their triggers and cooperation styles.

The test results provide starting points to improving the atmosphere of your team. Each team member gains insights into how they can collaborate better in future communications. For example, get to work with development points on an individual or team level using team coaching or team building. This can help you improve communication and connection within your teams, improving engagement, commitment, and sustainable employment within your organization.

Register your team for our unique test

Focus on team development and register your team for the Sphere of Influence 360°. There are different profiles available at different prices. Check which profile fits your organization and request your test with us.

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