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Improve Communication

Would you like to improve communication within your team or organization? Then use our company’s test and discover the strengths of your team members.

We are happy to help you improve communication at both individual and team levels in your organization. Over the last 20 years, we have provided many leaders and teams with insight into their various communication styles.

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The Sphere of Influence 360° test we have designed helps unlock organizational insights, increase the impact of individuals and the collective, and improve communication and collaboration skills in your firm.

Once communication improves, your teams’ connections, trust, and productivity will also increase. Teams are more involved and effective when they can balance listening and speaking while focusing on the content and relationship side of things. Would you also like to improve your teams’ collective impact? Start by taking our test on communication styles.

How we help to improve communication

Is it time to improve communication within your team? Use our Sphere of Influence 360° test to determine which communication styles your team members are already using. Do these communication styles complement or clash with their colleagues’ styles? These questions can trigger very powerful and helpful conversations.

All the communication styles in our test have their unique positive qualities and pitfalls, and each team member receives development points with personalized tips. Based on these tips and the additional tools we have designed (including workshops and large group interventions), your team members can improve their communication.

Curious? Lets talk!

We are happy to tell you more about how the test works. We will also provide insights on how you can discover the communication styles within your team. Ask for access to our communication test and start today!

Are you interested in our communication test?

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