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Team Building

Team building focuses on the connection between people. Connection is the key to effectiveness and productivity within organizations, and it is developed through positive communication and co-working.

The Sphere of Influence 360° gives you and your team insight into these two important 21st-century skills. Is your team ready for more connection, positivity, and fun? Then aim your focus on team building.

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Create time for team building

Our unique collaboration test helps team members discover their strengths and development points and how they can increase their individual contributions to the team. Self-reflection is an important part of the Sphere of Influence 360° test. Once you are aware of your own behavior, you can adjust it and appreciate your added value in your team.

There are several standard options available when using the Sphere of Influence 360°. We also offer customized options for larger groups, such as workshops featuring motivational speakers to help you and your team on your way during the team building. Please let us know your wishes so that we can provide a customized offer.

Did you know

that it is also possible to register your team directly for our team building?

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