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Self-reflection test

Do you regularly use a self-reflection test for your employees? Doing so is an effective way to give everyone insight into their strengths.

We have developed a unique test that reveals this information: the Sphere of Influence 360°. Are you ready to start using self-reflection today? Then our test is the right tool for you!

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Identify people's strengths with our self-reflection test

Our versatile test shows which competencies people master and can be used as a career scan.

Team members can also use it to uncover any ineffective communication patterns they have, as everyone who fills out a self-reflection test can see their pitfalls. Based on their test results, people will receive development points, including personalized tips for strengthening their communication and collaboration skills.

The Sphere of Influence 360° will help you work on strengthening your competencies as a collective, ultimately helping you grow as a team.

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