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Influencing Styles

Give your employees insight into their influencing styles using our Sphere of Influence 360°. Use this evidence-based test to discover how people can increase their impact.

Employees who understand their strengths and pitfalls feel more comfortable and also feel more connected to the company.

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How we provide insight into your employees’ influencing styles

After completing our test, people will receive a Sphere of Influence 360° profile that indicates their frequently and infrequently used influencing styles. Our unique self-reflection test also reveals people’s ineffective communication patterns and underlying triggers.

After completing the test, people not only gain insight into how they apply their influencing styles, but they also learn more about how they collaborate and communicate. The more behavioral awareness each employee has, the more effectively they can leverage this knowledge when working with colleagues. Our test is a powerful way to carry out team development in your organization.

We offer various packages

There are several Sphere of Influence 360° packages available that vary in price. One is ideal for increasing someone’s influencing styles as a manager. Another option includes a team scan, making it suitable for groups of up to fifty persons. We also offer a “large group package”. Depending on what you are looking for, you can choose the package that best suits your team.

Curious to know more?

Offer your team members our psychological test and give them insight into their influencing styles. Would you like to receive more information first?

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