Is your team performing at its maximum potential?

Not an easy question to answer, but we can help you to get insights. Even with the best of intentions, people fall back into old patterns and less than ideal habits. We help you unravel these patterns and replace them with constructive alternatives.

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Sphere of Influence 360º

Through our work with hundreds of teams over the last 20 years, we know it can be a big challenge to keep everybody on board and make sure employees feel connected while performing at their best.

Decreased productivity and friction within a team usually comes from within its core and is maintained or worsened through poor communication. Frustrated employees, low morale, conflicts, silo mentalities, and a lack of trust, vision, and clarity are common signs of poor communication. They are always lurking around the corner.

Because we know that communication and work productivity go hand in hand, we’ve created The Sphere of Influence 360º, a tool to help you and your team gain insight, increase your individual and collective impact, improve your collaboration, and strengthen your leadership.

A quick introduction

Feel connected to your team

Experience how to increase your impact

Create trust within your organization

Enjoy inspiring leadership

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Introduction to the Sphere of Influence 360º test

The Sphere of Influence 360 analyzes individuals’ preferred communication and influencing styles and exposes team dynamics. It helps users understand the underlying triggers in all our interactions.

Measuring 21st century skills

With the Sphere of Influence test we measure Communication and Collaboration, 2 of the top 3 21st century skills.

Sphere of Influence 360º test preview
Sphere of Influence 360º test preview

Time is the new currency

Getting insight doesn't have to require a lot of time. On average it takes only 10 minutes to complete the survey.

Need for the complete picture

We look beyond capabilities and challenges to consider including opportunities, pitfalls and risks.

Sphere of Influence 360º test results rose
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I can identify myself very strongly with my Sphere of Influence profile! The outcome aptly illustrates what I see happening in practice. That I sometimes ‘get stuck’ in my communication with others. What works well for me are the concrete suggestions that are made on how to learn to use different influencing styles. Very cool to have learned these.

- Valentijn Brandt - Grow Promotor
In the role of assessment consultant, coach and trainer it strikes me how sharp the Sphere of Influence profiles matches the interaction patterns that people show in daily life. For me, this test proves to be a very powerful tool! The results are clearly mapped, recognized by candidates and translated into concrete and applicable development tips.

- Jolande Koolen - Time to Grow Global
The Sphere of Influence 360º provides not only insight in personal and 360-team dynamics. Every time it proves to be an excellent basis for dialogue and it never ceases to amaze both professionals as well as coachees regarding the depth and width that it covers.

- Erik Dirven - Time To Change
The tool provides a good starting point and relevant dimensions to discuss together. It indicates why managers, employees and colleagues perceive your way of interacting as different.

- Marc Vanschoenwinkel - Compassion to lead
My Sphere of Influence 360º profile was without a doubt spot on! I could definitely recognize myself in it right away. The profile also presents great suggestions on how to work on parts that you might choose to improve. Teams, big or small, can, in my opinion, definitely benefit from the insights and suggestions in regards to internal team harmony as well as for the individual within the team or in life in general.

- Stan de Wijs - Lunapx
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Our Pricing


Ideal for leadership
100 Per Person
  • Personal Sphere of Influence 360 profile including:
  • Insights into core capabilities, talents, and blind spots
  • Personalized tips to start your development
  • Knowledge of your triggers and the behavior you trigger in others
  • An overview of your style flexibility
  • Coaching guidelines*


* Up to 50 team members
130 Per Person
  • Everything from Basic Profile
  • Group profile including:
  • A collective communication bleuprint
  • Graphics of the (im)balance in the team
  • A potential matrix; how to build on other’s strength
  • A risk matrix; how to avoid miscommunication and formation of silos
  • Example script for a 4-hours workshop*

Large Group

* 50+ Team Members
95 Per Person
  • Basic Profile for each attendee
  • A 3-hour dynamic workshop including:
  • A motivational speaker assisted by sufficient co-facilitators
  • Personalized handouts to mix and match people with the same or different preferences
  • A highly interactive program
  • Project management and questionnaire support

* It is also possible to hire one of our experienced Sphere of Influence 360 coaches or facilitators.

Several cards from a deck of coaching cards falling down

Stress! Do you recognize the signs?

We have recently released our new Stress coaching cards! The deck can be used with a variety of exercises available on our website enabling you to recognize signs of stress and invites you to deal with similar stressful situations from different perspectives.

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Test the Test

Not sure if this is for you? You can take the Sphere of Influence 360º test for a test drive. No strings attached. Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you within one business day to get you set up.


Request your Sphere of Influence 360º test by filling out the form below. We’ll contact you within 24 hours to set you up. See you on the inside!


Request your Sphere of Influence 360º test by filling out the form below. We’ll contact you within 24 hours to set you up. See you on the inside!

Large Group

Request your Sphere of Influence 360º test by filling out the form below. We’ll contact you within 24 hours to set you up. See you on the inside!

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