What You Didn’t Know About Complaining & How To Stop

Perspective rendering of a playing card with an illustration of a woman with a purple shirt complaining and pointing at a piece of paper next to a tall man with a beard in a black suit.

Does your partner leave the dishes to ‘soak,’ never to finish the job? Is the council deliberately turning a blind eye to those potholes? Is your Wifi spotty all the time, and especially when you need it most? If you’re like the average person, a little grumbling is often all it takes to feel better […]

Feeling Unwell? It Might Not Be What You Think

Rendering of a playing card with an illustration of a girl with a magenta blanket who feels ill

Are you getting a fever? Did you eat something funny? Or are your symptoms the result of something else entirely? It’s often hard to tell when stress is why you feel unwell, but it happens to more people than you’d think. Sometimes it’s obvious, such as dizziness before a first date or nausea when you […]