Sphere of Influence 360º

The Sphere of Influence 360º aims to give insight into the way communication, collaboration, and influence work. It provides an understanding of the underlying triggers and destructive patterns that characterize your interactions. The test unravels these patterns and helps you replace them with constructive alternatives.

On an individual level, the Sphere of Influence 360º helps people increase their impact, improve their collaboration skills, and strengthen leadership. At the team level, it exposes dynamics and provides the tools required to bring connection and balance back to your team.

A quick introduction to the Sphere of Influence 360º concept

The Sphere of Influence 360º Profile

The Sphere of Influence 360º profile lies at the heart of every individual or team’s development. The multidimensional feedback from this report is presented so you can easily compare self-ratings with feedback from others. The profile provides a clear overview of your communication and collaboration blueprint and shows how to communicate more effectively in different situations.

Sphere of Influence 360º test report example page with a graph
Illustration of cooks adding ingredients to a bowl

The Sphere of Influence 360º Concept

The Sphere of Influence 360º is based on two proven interaction models; Leary’s Rose and Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle. The Sphere of Influence 360º combines the essence of both concepts. This way, it provides a blueprint of how people allow themselves to be influenced and have an impact while providing them with insight into the strength and consistency of their message. 



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