Mismatch, or Miscommunication?

Welcoming new people onto a team is always exciting. We can get enthusiastic about fresh perspectives energy, and ideas—it’s when we really look forward to working together. But after a while, we sometimes notice that things aren’t going exactly as

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Humor and communication

Humor: Breaking Down Barriers!

A few weeks back, I was asked a really interesting question. During a workshop, one of my management trainees asked me where humor could be found in the Sphere of Influence.  Surely, it’s a form of influence…but where is its

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The Most Underrated Soft Skill

Introduction What do you think of the term “soft skills?” Maybe your ability to get along with others in a pleasant way, to avoid conflict, or even to think creatively?  I often feel like the term somewhat downplays the importance

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The More You Push, The Less They Listen

Does it sometimes seem like the more you try to make a point, the harder it is to get across? It can be so discouraging – when you’re trying your best to get others on board, and all that effort

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