Tips, tools, background information and guidelines to make the most of the Sphere of Influence 360˚. You’ll find it all in our library!

Cover mockup of the Coaching Guidelines ebook

Sphere of Influence 360º
Coaching Guidelines

This interactive pdf makes sure you have all information about the Sphere of Influence 360˚ available in just one click. It also provides you with example questions enabling you to completely focus on the candidates and their developmental journey.

Sphere of Influence 360º

Points of attention in regards to interpretation, background information about the model, patterns, matching profiles and psychometric support. After reading this manual, you will be informed about the ins and outs of the Sphere of Influence Model.

This interactive pdf makes sure you have all information about the Sphere of Influence 360˚ available in a single document. It also provides you with example questions allowing you to focus completely on the candidates and their developmental journey.

A guide to find your way around the Talent Scanner platform as an Administrator and Test manager. Set up user accounts for candidates, assign roles and download Sphere of Influence reports.

Helpful Exercises

Based on our 80 coaching cards, these exercises are a great way to work on any development points identified in the Sphere of Influence Test results. Contact us to use the full database for personal, leadership, or team coaching in your organization.

Continuing to ask questions is a skill you ‘learn by doing’. In this exercise you find some questions that can help you out.

Did we understand things in the same way? Learn how to check whether you and your conversation partner mean and understand things in de same way.

Encouraging others is a very valuable coaching skill. In this exercise you learn to recognize when people need encouragement and how to demonstrate your confidence in them.

Why be more generous with compliments? Because it leads to improved communication, better relationships, and more fulfillment.

In order to create win-win situations, it is important that the interests of all parties involved are clear.

How to bring forward convincing arguments? Be prepared, keep it simple and use the right amount of arguments.


These videos explore key Sphere of Influence concepts, plus answers to some of the most common questions that arise during facilitation. Feel free to use these videos in your sessions, just as we do in ours!

How to deal with Silo mentalities? Follow the tips in this video.

Awareness of your triggers can help you increase your effectiveness and enhance your impact.

Want to help your team unlock their full potential? Learn how to maximize collective intelligence by giving everybody an equal chance to speak, participate, listen, and adapt.

Improve collaboration by discovering the unique added value of the four SOI communication styles: co-creation, togetherness, quality, and output.

Ready to use the Sphere of Influence to develop your team? Whether you’re a leader, trainer, or coach, this done-for-you video will guide you on how to introduce the SOI!