Stop Assuming, Start Checking

stop signs to encourage people to stop assuming and ask and check

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a behavioral specialist – it’s that we aren’t mind readers. Did you need an interaction consultant to tell you that? I highly doubt it, but you’d be surprised at how often my colleagues and I find ourselves digging into different cases of miscommunication, only to find assumptions at […]

8 Do’s and Dont’s For An Adaptive Approach To Communication

Chameleon on branch as a methaphor for adapting your communication approach

What would happen if you were to communicate with your boss the exact same way that you do with your children? If you interacted with your customers the same way as you did with your employees?  Interesting thought, right?  Perhaps the outcome would be fantastic and your ratings or sales would triple instantly. However, it’s […]

Why Conflict Is Like Arguing Over An Orange

A sliced orange referring to conflict in this article

The other day, I recalled a story I heard as a student. On the surface, it’s a story about conflict—a very specific conflict situation, actually—but it says a lot about how we choose to communicate. And, how conflict is often another sign of poor communication. The story is about two people arguing over an orange. […]

3 Signs You’re Not Communicating and Smart Strategies To Fix Them

Image of 3 cactus referring to poor communication

As a consultant, my clients often ask how they can deal with problems like lack of trust and conflict in a work environment. But in my experience, these aren’t the real problems. More often than not, issues like distrust and disagreement are really symptomatic of something more deep-seated. They’re really signs of poor communication. Poor […]